I hope you are enjoying exploring the original floor layout of  the old Edwardian HOTEL ROYAL GRAHAMSTOWN THAMES NEW ZEALAND, let us now venture up the lovely old kauri staircase, think how many hands have held this balustrade, and whose feet have trod these steps over the time period of 100yrs or more?, so come on, look at the plan and follow me......we are standing in the main Hotel foyer, to my left is the Bar Room and Brown Street entrance, to my right is the Commercial and Lady's Drawing Room, etc., so lets go up these stairs...... here to add text.
Below,  top of the staircase, immediately to your left was a large  bathroom,( now a kitchen) shower and toilet, to your right 1 double bedrooms, 1 single,& box room, across the hall way 2 more double bedrooms, with four open fireplaces and double doors at the end of the corridor leading out onto a balcony. about turn down the corridor, another double bedroom with doors to balcony, around the corner, an other double bedroom facing Williamson Street...
Below, here on your left is another front double bedroom  Williamson Street, now you are looking towards the back of Hotel down the corridor,  on your right is corridor to Brown Street, further along on your right are/were the old kitchens ,to your left another double bedroom and a single, then toilets/ showers, and an odd little room that had steps down to the Hotel backyard....
Looking down corridor to Brown Street., immediate right bathroom, ( now a kitchen) , then stair landing, bed rooms, box room & double doors to veranda
.Looking down corridor towards back of Hotel, more bedrooms right and large  kitchen left...odd little room at end of corridor, toilet/washroom...
N.B. Photographs Copyright H.G.Blomfield, C.R. Blomfield  & Phil  Sayer 2019
And right at the end of this corridor leading to the Royal's rear, is an old little room that juts out from the building, by the evidence of plumbing I would say it was a toilet/washroom, this in earlier times had steps that led down to the Royal Hotels back yard, which had more toilets/washing facilities, below the odd room with beautiful t&g
Odd little room jutting out at back of Hotel,double doors below are not original
Well folks the story of this grand old Lady rescued from dire squalor continues to unfold the Hotel Royal is under  new ownership  once more & its  many a grand idea has gone into the melting pot, we shall  wait and see what  will energies? ideas?...only time will tell for this survivor of Times cruel ravages, and now  truly rescued from ruin and  somewhat restored, all the worlds her stage..through those dark corridors of a 100yrs, a new life?, hopefully new energy?, stay tuned and I will update as things progress.....
for me it has been a wondrous journey with my dear old Royal... over a 13 year span seeing the gradual restoration from ruin..and hopefully  still more to come.....
I do hope you are enjoying this journey as much as I am ....God Bless

Thanks to;  Shirley Ayoub, Phil Sayer, Jimmy Pattillo,  James Lobet,  Reg Blomfield, Bruce Oliver & Sam Lamb Dec., 2011
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H.G.Blomfield 2015
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H G Blomfield