Gas light flickering  
gems glittering,
the noisy throng awaits
a stage is set for actors bold
across the timeset of weary years
Theatre Royal once called
in those days of heady stupor,
where many  the  famous
trod  familiar boards
the actors circuit bequeathing
momentary respite to miners weary
furs and jewels  tarry
beneath the domed cupola
ablaze with crystals lights
time counts down
in old Grahamstown..............

The fire rages,
from ashes grey
history writes the rise
and fall of the
Edwardian "Royal"
the lusty days,
tracing fortune and death
of that  golden time
in old Grahamstown......

The Hotel Royal bows
her bloodied head,
grandeur sold and looted
vaulted ceilings echo
the squatters creeping steps,
hungry shadows prowl,
the corridors of gloom
leeching light from
flickering candles,
cobwebs  stamp the chandelier's            absence,
spirited away the newel post
and all Edwardian splendour,
shes lost in dreamtime
flotsam caught between
the pages of Thames History,
an empty sepulchre
of forgotten memories,
of the  Midas days,
and laughter bold
where many a merry tale
was told of the old days,
the good days
of the  gold fever
in old Gramhamstown........ finis

Once in ones's life something has such an effect on you it changes your life,  a thrill, an amazement, and forever more you are caught in its web of bewitchment....this happened to myself and my girl friend Shirley, when we first set eyes on a vision in time warped pink , weary  and time worn..but standing proudly...



      "It was an odd surprise to find one of the back upstairs  rooms all newly decorated  out in a pale lemon shade, with  a few pieces of period  furniture and knick nacs of china above the ornate kauri fireplace.....tired lacy curtains hung limply at the windows with dust motes lazily floating in a long slanting finger of afternoon sunlight. It was all finished and looking quietly beautiful, it gave  one some idea of what the Hotel had looked like in its  heyday"

One hopes to  published my story sometime in the near  future...
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copyright poem H G Blomfield 2021
the prelude to a story 'A RIGHT ROYAL TALE' relaying my adventure with the Edwardian Hutch  ROYAL HOTEL GRAHAMSTOWN THAMES NZ.lick here to add text.
The face behind  window. frame
.copyright H G BLOMFIELD 2020
EEnergy photographed by staircase copyright H.G.Blomfield 2020
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"A RIGHT ROYAL TALE..".. H.G.BLOMFIELD-lOBET  copyright 2021..