I was totally entranced by this musty rotting dark gloomy Hotel when I first went through it in 2001, it was  frozen in a time warp - sadly  neglected, rotting quietly away, inhabited only by rats, druggies  and squatters..... amazing, so much ghostly atmosphere which will soon be gone forever... ..here are some  fantasy photos of this  Historic Grade 2 listed building,  I have tried to capture the magic and the mystery of this once grand elegant Edwardian Hotel Royal, enjoy......
All photos copyright to H.G.Blomfield-Lobet,  R.Blomfield, P.Sayer,Pattelo 2021

Sketch of the original HotelRoyal Theatre and CafeThames NZ before the disasterous fire of 1901Royal Hotel bar rooms to the right of main foyer, from 
Brown Street entrance, first door on left,  complete with trapdoor and cellar
c H.G.B 2009Brown street window detail, Royal Hotel Thames NZ and orb.
c H.G.B 2009Brown St., facade Royal Hote Thames NZ
c H.G.B 2009Balcony top floor Royal Hotel Thames
 c H.G.B 2009Williamson St., facade Royal Hotel Thames NZ
c H.G.B 2009Brown Street entrance to BAR Royal Hotel Thames NZA handmade wooden Kauri door handle Royal Hotel Thames NZ.
c H.G..B 2009Room shows beautiful panelling that was throughout the Royal Hotel in 2001.
c H.G.B 2009An atmospheric ghostly hallway Royal Hotel Thames NZ
c H.G.B 2009Once the  residence of Ghosts  of yesteryear and sqalid squatters & druggies ..Royal Hotel Grahamstown Thames NZ
c H.G.Blomfield 2009At the end of a long gloomy corridor, doors to the balcony Brown St., Royal HotelThames NZ
c H.G.B 2009Do you hear the ghostly footsteps on this staircase? shades of yesteryear...and miners gone...
c H.G.B 2009Royal Hotel  foyer,interesting  Brass feature on floor-foyer Royal Hote Grahamstown Thames 2009 c H.G.B 2009Royal Hotel Thames NZ balcony,looking seawards, timeless magic...
c H.G.Blomfield 2009Window sash detail, Royal Hotel Thames NZ, also showing an orb. c H.G.Blomfield 2009Williamson St entrance Royal HotelThames NZ in her 'Resident Evil' mood! sick of rats and squatters!
c H.G.Blomfied 2009A very beautiful  elegant Royal Hotel Veranda, in timeless mood, looking towards the seaIis my dark abode I see werein I tarry 'neath midnight's mantle  haunting these ancient corridors, sorrowful & alone I  lost my true love, and then my life in miserys arms. cHGB
' a suicide in the Royal Hotel'....Carl Mohlmann 1915....
ROYAL HOTE'LS front doors Willaimason St Grahamstown THAMES NZ.Mood midnight, The Royal Hotel Thames New Zealand 2009, in a pensive mood. c H.G.Blomfield 2009Hotel royal Grahamstown Thames nz looking pristine under a new coat of paint.Sept 2009View from the Royal Hotels veranda towards the hills 2009A pretty solid orb above my head Royal Hotyel Grahamstown Thames NZ 2009Shades of Carl....One of the Royal Hotels atmospheric hallways c H.G.Blomfield 2010Odd light at end of hallway
copyright Phil .Sayer Rotorua 2010 mystic hallway Royal Hotel Thames NZ 2010
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Hayden Wright of Thames with the  replacement grand newel post he has kindly donated to the ROYAL HOTEL's restoration. 2009
A midnight rendezvous - ROYALHOTEL Williamson St., Thames NZ Front Door Detail
Tread softly along this timeless passageway- Royal Hotel Thames NZ.
Come with me down memory lane on a journey through time, the OLD  100 YR + HISTORIC  LISTED GRADE 2 EDWARIAN HUTCH ROYALHOTEL THAMES NZ.

Beautiful grand arches,
The Royal Hotel foyer.
Your webmistress and Bill's Cat checking the view on Willaimson Street Thames NZ.
Please note..all photographs are the private property and copyright to the website owner c. H.G.Blomfield-Lobet 2021