Tis my abode I see
wherein I roam,
'neath midnight's mantle,
most wretched soul
forever haunting
these corridors of gloom,
for love I lost
in darkest despair
so far away from home.....

A heart so sorely tried
my tears they fall
as ghostly rain,
bereft and desolate
alone and in pain
l lost my love
and then my life,
in Misery's  cold arms.....

Peer thru the shadows,
see me here
pleading with you,
in your mercy
say a prayer
to free me from
this cursed cage
of Death's melancholy......

                    copyright H G. BLOMFIELD 2010

Staying at the ROYAL HOTEL GRAHAMSTOWN THAMES NEW ZEALAND, one lonely night on the 20th of May 1915,  German born Herman Carl Mohhlmann aged 34, a gardener from PAEROA , being a long way from his native  home, GERMANY, and with his stormy marriage finished plus losing his job, in a fit of despair and melancholy shot himself in one of the upstairs bedrooms of the ROYAL HOTEL GRAHAMSTOWN THAMES NEW ZEALAND.....on our first ramblings around the unknown upstairs corridors  of the Royal Hotel, we came around a corner into what was a  very spooky corridor to be sure, it was very  dark and gloomy, full of shifting shadows, what with no electrity connected to the Hotel, this particular area had a general feeling of decay and dread, very dark shadows and I kid you not, we did not know at that time that Carl had taken his life in one of these side bedrooms, that back part of the upstairs floor was the  only part of the Hotel we didn't like, apart from the front Commercial office room which was a cold dismal room of a ancient dank faded dirty cream shade, this also had a uneasy dread  chilly atmosphere to it and evidently we found out later that some serious shady ominous stuff had happened there too between the owners, gold wheeling and dealing gone sour....the owner of the Royal Hotel got himself shot in the street, but thats another story......
After experiencing the sadness, and empty  loneliness still lingering in that part of the Hotel, I wrote this poem for lonely sad Carl........may he rest in Peace.....
Photographed down a spooky corridor inside the old derilect Royal Hotel  Grahamstown NZ  in 2007/8 COPYRIGHT H.G.Blomfeld 2010.
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